Four ways to spend summer at the SMK


Play, learn, explore and enjoy yourself at the SMK all summer! Join us as we invite you to try a range of creative summer activities inside – and relax out in the Museum Gardens, where you will find coffee, ice cream and hopefully plenty of summer sun.

All summer long the SMK has plenty to offer kids and the young at heart, those in search of insight and knowledge – and of course those who simply want to relax in comfort. Sip your coffee under the open sky while cooling your toes in the fountain pool, let your imagination run riot with summer experiments at the Children’s Workshop, and join us for a special SMK Fridays event in the Museum Garden

PLAY with a range of materials at the Children’s Workshop, where bubble wrap, yarn, soap bubbles, crayons, clay, water pistols, cardboard and paint stands ready to be transformed into sculptures inspired by summer, help you express beautiful travel memories, create imaginative artists’ books and make action-packed art.

The museum’s permanent displays offer activities for all the family. Find new and hidden stories in art with the Match-SMK board game, explore the collections with the SMK’s new paper fortune teller guide, or express yourself with paper and pencil in the Drawing Room.

The Children’s Workshop is open Tuesday to Sunday 11.30 to 16.30.
Each week we explore a new theme:

28 June – 3 July: Children’s Workshop: Experiments
5 July – 10  July: Children’s Workshop: Artist books
12 July – 17 July: Children’s Workshop: Opposites
19 July – 24 July: Children’s Workshop: Sunshine at the SMK
26 July – 31 July: Children’s Workshop: Travel memories
2 August – 7 August: Children’s Workshop: Make your mark!

Visiting the Children’s Workshop costs DKK 30.
If you have an
Annual Pass MINI, you can bring up to two children to the Children’s Workshop for free.

LEARN about the realm of art, delve down into the history of the SMK and experience some of the museum’s highlights. Let our guides take you on tours of our permanent displays, were we will explore art from many angles

Every Sunday in July and August, 15.00-15.45: Engelske omvisninger
Guided tours are free; the usual admission fees apply.

ENJOY a cup of coffee out in the sun in the Museum Gardens and cool your toes in the museum’s summer pool. If you want to play football, go on the swings, etc., you can frolic in the playground in the Østre Anlæg park just around the corner.

On 26 August we invite everyone to join us for summer fun in the Museum Garden when a special SMK Fridays event launches the Copenhagen Art Week with art talks, drinks, an artist DJ and performances. We look forward to seeing you!

EXPLORE the nation’s largest art museum, home to more than seven centuries of art and art history. The permanent displays,offer a wealth of art right from the early Renaissance to cutting-edge contemporary art.

All summer long you can lose yourself in a vast, labyrinthine installation in the special display Extracurriculum or contemplate how new digital technologies affect us in the exhibition Ed Atkins. Safe Conduct. You can also travel back in time to eighteenth century London and all its drama in the exhibition William Hogarth. A Harlot’s Progress and Other Stories.

af SMK den 27.06.2016

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