Donald C. Johanson: Lucy and our African origins

D. 24. maj 2018

Wine & Science

Donald C. Johanson (USA) is a world famous expert in the human evolution. In 1974 he discovered one of the most famous fossils of the prehistoric human being. The fossil that were found in Ethiopia is popular known as “Lucy”. The 3,2 million years old and exceptional well kept skeleton was essential in the process of connecting older and younger generations of the human being, including our own ancestors.

Donald C. Johanson will this night tell us about, what the examinations of Lucy over the years have revealed and about how far the scientists are in the understanding our african roots.

In the break there will be served a glass of wine.


DONALD C. JOHANSON (USA) Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins, Arizona State University.

This evenings host is Peter C. Kjærgaard, professor in evolutionary history and director of the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

The event will be held in english.

Practical information

Date & time: 24. may 2018 at 7 PM to 9.15 PM

Place: Chr. Hansen Auditorium at the faculty of Social Science, Bartholinsgade 4A, København K

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