11. februar -27. august 2017

11.02.2017 – 27.08.2017

When darkness falls, it is time for music. The musician brings forth the violin and the composer sits down at the piano. There is a special atmosphere in darkness, where details may not be sharp, but the sounds of music ring clearer than ever.

At the Hirschsprung Collection there are a variety of drawings and paintings with music as the central theme. Many of them are evening pictures, where artists play with the shadows of night and the soft light emitted from candles and lamps. In this exhibition you will see examples of atmospheric scenes from the living-rooms of the 19th century Danish home where people gathered for chamber music, from harvest balls where the dancing grew wilder and wilder and from the artists’ studios where music became a gathering point, collecting models for big group portraits. This smaller exhibition in the Garden Hall consists of works from the museum’s own collection as well as photographs of the musicians, music manuscripts from the hands of Edvard Grieg and Niels W. Gade and instruments from the Danish Museum of Music. 


af Den Hirschsprungske Samling den 14.07.2017

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