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A flirtatious Mariah Carey, hard-hitting heavy metal music, Jacob Holdt’s American pictures – and a range of selected works from the SMK: the artist Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen has created a new guide to the museum, giving his thoughts and imagination free rein as he explores the museum’s permanent displays. The result is a series of fun, alternative and deeply personal texts to accompany the works.

In various locations around the SMK, you can now find a special guide in the form of a small folder with texts about particular exhibits. For this contribution to the SMK² series of events, artist Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen has selected a number of works in the museum collections, let his thoughts roam free and created new texts to accompany the art. You can find these texts in the new folder and online.



Over the course of a year, eight artists will intervene and interact with the museum’s collections, creating novel approaches to presenting art and offering you new ways of seeing and approaching the works. Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen’s guide is the second in this series of artist interventions.

Curated by chief curator and senior researcher Marianne Torp, the artist interventions are part of SMK² – a range of experiments in which the SMK co-operates with artists, writers and other professions to engage with the museum collections in new ways. The objective is to bring you surprising and alternative art experiences.

Below the surface
In this guide, Schmidt-Rasmussen takes you on a personal journey through the museum’s permanent collections, taking a closer look at a number of specially selected works. He has picked art that makes him shiver with delight, art that he finds unfathomable, art that he can only stand in small doses, and works that he keeps coming back to.

The texts offer new perspectives on many works. For example, you can take a fresh look at Svend Wiig Hansen’s The Earth Weeps or delve below the surface of a range of Schmidt-Rasmussen’s own works. You can also witness a night at the museum where the figures in Vilhelm Hammershøi’s painting Artemis come alive through hyper-modern dialogue.

With his funny, insightful and easy-going approach to the art on the walls of this venerable national gallery, Schmidt-Rasmussen has created texts that demonstrate how art can take on a wide range of different meanings depending on the eyes that see.

Detours create new narratives
By way of detours to subjects as diverse as the blockbuster movie Lord of the Rings, empty football fields, a flirtatious Mariah Carey, hard-hitting heavy metal music, the seat of democracy and Jacob Holdt’s American pictures, Schmidt-Rasmussen unfolds the many stories that can be found in the art.

The paintings on the walls set off thousands of trains of thought – they stirring up memories and firing up the imagination. This is precisely what Schmidt-Rasmussen considers the distinctive quality of art: “… as observer, you always embellish what you see and continue the story. I see a lot of art in this light: as a torch that the artist passes on to the observer. Of course, things are not necessarily left entirely open so that you are free to make whatever you want of the work. And yet…”

You can pick up your guide next to the featured exhibits and online.


af SMK den 08.08.2016

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