New Turkish film – Women Without Fear

15/10 - 26/10

TURKISH FILM. Women in Turkish film are proving to be stronger than ever. On October 15th the Cinematheque launches a series with a special focus on new Turkish film, which will be kicked off with the showing of ‘Across the Sea’ followed by a reception in Asta Bar.


Since the award-winning Turkish director Yesim Ustaoglu paid the Cinematheque a visit back in 2012, a wide range of new Turkish female directors have sprung onto the international film scene. They depict rebellion, sisterhood, love, and the existential crisis that lies in having to live in a void between the older traditions and a modernity that is constantly pointing outwards and in new directions. They are all distinguished by their intrepid choice of subjects and the ability to confront subjects of taboo such as incestuous abuse (‘Watch Tower’) and arranged marriages (‘The Wedding Dance’).

When the fascinating series on women in Turkish film kicks off it is with the dramatic tale ‘Across the Sea’ about the beautiful and pregnant Damla, whom, after many years in New York, decides to return to her hometown by the Mediterranean. She brings her new American husband Kevin, but he quickly finds himself in a tangle with the Damlas aggressive ex-boyfriend Burak, and slowly but surely all of Damlas hidden secrets are exposed. ‘Across the Sea’ is a universal tale on boundless love, and the film’s director will on October 15 provide a fascinating insight into the work of the film followed by reception and refreshments in Asta Bar.

The following week the director Belma Bas will be the special guest at the Cinematheque. She will introduce her film ‘Zefir’, which was heavily criticized by film critics for its unsympathetic portrait of a female protagonist, who leaves her daughter behind in order to pursue her own career. To this criticism Belma Bas responded by saying:

“I long for a day when you do not have to talk about male and female directors.”


The series also offers Pelin Esmer’s ‘Watch Tower’ about the young woman Seher, who is on the run from a conservative home, and the man Nihat, who in a watchtower, distant from civilization, tends to his own wounds. The films ‘The Bad Cat’, ‘Nobody’s Home’, ‘The Wedding Dance’, and ‘Present Tense’ is also a part of the series, which is organized in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy.

af Cinemateket den 11.10.2016

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