The Butterfly House


Inside the new Butterfly House in the Botanical Garden – a part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark – a fairytale setting has been created where the audience can experience the butterflies’ life and transformation up close.

The new Butterfly House, as well as the transformation of the Palm House and adjacent greenhouses, signifies an updated visitor experience in the Botanical Garden, which also includes the Nordic Beer Garden that opened on June 8.

“At the Natural History Museum of Denmark, we want to create a closer connection between people and nature. The Botanical Garden is the perfect place to use our living nature to convey knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding. With around 10,000 plant species, the Botanical Garden is a biodiversity hotspot, and now everyone is invited to our updated visitor experience. The Butterfly House, together with the Nordic Beer Garden, are our first initiatives”, says museum director Peter C. Kjærgaard.

The Butterfly House is supported by The Augustinus Foundation.

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af Statens Naturhistoriske Museum den 01.08.2018

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