Winter at the Castle

Complete your visit to Rosenborg by stopping for a refreshment at The Garden Café. From Saturday the 11th to Sunday the 26rd of February, you can purchase “the Winter Ticket” for 155 DKK, which gives you access to the castle plus carot muffin and coffee at the café. The coffee is optional with café latte, espresso, filter coffee or tea among the options. “The Winter Ticket” can be bought at our ticket office.

On Valentine’s Day, we will focus on 200 years of royal love affairs. With an admixture of politics, great age differences, a large number of childbirths, and the many temptations of the court, royal love life was anything but boring. During a special tour we will zoom in on the many traces of love which can be seen in the castle today. Our learning pilots will take you on a journey through time and tell of the colorful love lives of the kings and queens.

af Rosenborg Slot den 09.02.2017

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