372-year anniversary of the death of Christian IV

On February 28 2020, The Royal Danish Collection pays homage to king Christian IV, as it is exactly 372 years since the king died at Rosenborg Castle after nearly 60 years on the Danish Throne.

A lot can be said about Christian IV: That he was a little too fond of women, food and alcohol, that he drove Denmark into war several times and that he ripped the national treasury in the hunt for victory and a glorious posthumous reputation.

Nonetheless, the king is both the most popular of the Oldenburg kings, and the one who has most clearly set his mark on our capital by virtue of his many buildings.

Rosenborg Castle, which now houses the Oldenburg branch of The Royal Danish Collection, was built at the request of Christian IV. The king wanted a pleasure palace fit for a young, ambitious renaissance ruler that could compete with the architectural glory he had observed on his many travels in the beginning of his reign.

Even though the castle has been rebuilt several times through history, it still stands as a fine example of the king’s energetic contribution to the expansion and beautification of the city. Now, as then, the spires of the castle are towering in the middle of The King’s Garden as a landmark for both locals and tourists and the red brick walls ornamented with sandstone are admired and photographed every day.

The history about Christian IV has proven to be one of the most durable king tales through time, enhanced, of course, by the king’s many monograms throughout town and his colorful and vibrant personality and way of life. So an homage to the king must be made on the 372-year anniversary of his death!  

af Rosenborg Slot den 27.02.2020

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