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The Botanical Garden is a green oasis of peace and contemplation where you can experience a special atmosphere in the middle of the bustling city. There’s always something to do in the Botanical Garden – whether it’s taking a restful walk or expanding your knowledge of the multifarious plant kingdom. We invite you to enjoy the garden with us!


The botanical quarters. The Botanical Garden is a living museum of plants and has different botanical quarters. In the Perennial Quarter an arrangement of pergolas, espaliers and softly rounded beds creates a romantic atmosphere. In The Nordic Beer Garden, guests are invited to explore the historic as well as modern plants used by Nordic brewers in beer recipes. We invite you to explore the variety of plants – noting their shape, colour, and smells – and learn more about what beer is and how recipes and flavours have changed over time.

The Butterfly House. Take a look inside the new Butterfly House in the Botanical Garden – a part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark – where a fairytale setting has been created. Here the audience can experience the butterflies’ life and transformation up close over the summer months. The new Butterfly House, as well as the transformation of the Palm House and adjacent greenhouses, signifies an updated visitor experience in the Botanical Garden.

The Observatory Hill. The highest point of the Inner City is the Observatory Hill. At this site you can get a good view of both the garden, the museum district Parkmuseerne and the inner city with its many towers and spires. School classes, kindergartens and other guests are free to use the lawn around the observatory for breaks and picnics.

A place for peace and quiet. At selected locations you can sit on the grass or on the benches. By the lake in the middle of the garden you can also take a rest at the small “wharf”. Occasionally, lectures and events will take place under open sky.

The Botanical Garden Shop. Don’t forget to visit the red-brick listed building that houses the Botanical Garden Shop. The shop is located at the entrance near Nørreport Station and offers a seasonal selection of plants, flowers and seeds. You can also find fun and functional gifts and home items intended to improve everyday living.

Relax and refuel. At the Citroën van from the 70s you can find refreshments during the gardens opening hours. The open-air café is located in front of the beautiful Victorian Palm House with a magnificent view of the garden.

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Photo credit: Birgitte Rubæk

af Statens Naturhistoriske Museum den 16.01.2019

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