Congratulations Dannebrog!

Did you partake in the celebration of the Danish flag in the weekend?

On Saturday, the Fifteenth of June, the Danish royal family and the rest of the country celebrated Valdemar’s Day. The date was a school holiday until 1948 and remembers the day in 1219 where the Danish Flag, Dannebrog, supposedly fell from the sky during Valdemar Sejr’s crusade in Estonia.

The celebration is quite special this year, as it marks the 800-year anniversary for the event, which gave Denmark its beautiful red and white flag that still influences the national feeling – at everything from birthdays to football matches.

In 1671 Christian V established The Order of Dannebrog, which re-introduced Valdemar Sejr’s tradition of Knights of Dannebrog. Today, the order consists of six classes and is awarded to both Danes and internationals, as a thank you for their service to the Danish interests.

At Rosenborg Castle you can see all The Royal Orders of Chivalry, and in The Treasury you can experience the beautiful Chain of the Order of Dannebrog with insignia, of gold with enamel and table-cut stones. Just like Dannebrog, the order is dominated by a cross and the red and white colours, which may signify purity and the blood of Jesus. The monograms of Valdemar Sejr and Christian V can be seen in the chain with a cross between them.

Visit Rosenborg Castle and see The Order of Dannebrog, The Order of the Elephant and all the other treasures that glisten in the basement below the castle. The Museum is open from 9-5 every day in the Summer season. Do you want your ticket on your smartphone? Then buy your ticket online in our webshop, to skip the que.   

af Rosenborg Slot den 17.06.2019

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