Danish Golden Age – World-class art between disasters

09-23-2019 - 12-08-2019

From war, fire and national bankruptcy one of the most beloved periods in Danish art arose. With this fall’s large exhibition we tell the story of how one of the most creative periods in Danish arts and culture could come about. And how the artists of the golden age created the images of Denmark and the Danish landscape that we have known and cultivated ever since.

Experience works by Christen Købke, C.W. Eckersberg, Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann and many more, when we open the largest exhibition about the golden age in Denmark ever!

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Nationalmuseum Stockholm and Petit Palais in Paris.

Top photo: P.C. Skovgaard, A Beech Wood in May near Iselingen Manor (detail),1857

af Parkmuseernes sekretariat den 22.08.2019

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