A foodie’s footsteps

With Rosenborg Castle’s new folder The Foodie’s Castle Guide in your hands, you will have the chance to gain insight into the royal meal traditions, as experienced by the Danish kings and queens in the last 450 years.

The folder is part of the EU’s Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, which centers on food, and offers a thematic journey around the castle, focusing on the royal meal. Five separate themes are available for you to immerse yourself in: The Renaissance Meal, The Everyday Meal, The Exotic Meal, Feasts and A Precious Meal.

Royal meals in particular have encapsulated the tendencies of the age, and the development of food culture over time. You will experience the importance of food, not only as a source for nutrition, but also as a symbol of wealth and status.

The Foodie’s Castle Guide is free and can be found in the ticket office and at the entrance to the castle.

Grab a copy and follow the castle’s royal food trail.

af Rosenborg Slot den 19.06.2018

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