Expansion of The Royal Danish Collection

Even though Rosenborg Castle houses historical artefacts and pieces of art, it does not mean that time has stopped at the museum – on the contrary. The collection is not static, but expands at all times, and we at The Royal Danish Collection constantly work to acquire artefacts that are, in some way, connected to the Danish royal family and Rosenborg Castle.

The new year was kicked off with the acquisition of a beautiful tobacco tin, a so-called Tabatiére, from the late Princess Elisabeth’s estate. The tobacco tin is white with hand-painted decorations of conches and seashells, and most interestingly, a picture of the king’s residence, Christiansborg Castle, on the inside of the lid.

The artist, who is thought to be Joseph Brecheisen, was inspired by the German artist Franz Michael Regenfuss, who published the world-famous ”Auserlesne Schnecken Muscheln und andre Schaalthieren in 1758. This book, with its beautiful illustrations, mixes art with science, and was dedicated to Regenfuss’ patron, King Frederik V, and the tobacco tin might just have been made for this exact king too.

No matter what, the tobacco tin adds nuance to the picture of Frederik V, who, despite his drinking problem, was an eager protector of the arts. Among other things, he lay the foundation for several artistic and scientific institutions in Copenhagen, for example The Botanical Garden and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Until the tobacco tin finds its new permanent place in the exhibition, you can learn more about Frederik V’s destiny in Frederik V’s Cabinet at Rosenborg. Plan your visit to the castle here.

af Rosenborg Slot den 22.01.2019

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