Kulturnatten 2018 – Open by night

What does the castle look like outside opening hours? Exclusively, you have the opportunity to find out on Kulturnatten (Culture Night) October 12, where the castle is open between 06:00 p.m. and midnight.

On the occasion of Kulturnatten, and to create the right Autumn feel, all electric lights will be turned off, which leaves the castle in complete darkness.

We advice you to bring a flashlight, so you can explore the castle’s dark secrets on your own – without getting lost.

On your way around the castle you will meet our storytellers, who will entertain you with stories about the royals who lived in the castle – and their love lives. With infidelity, court intrigue and political schemes, we promise you that it will be anything but boring!

Access to the castle on this particular evening is limited due to safety reasons. Time tickets (with access to specific time slots through the evening) must be collected from our webshop. The tickets are free, but entrance requires a Culture Pass (Kulturpas). Remember to print and bring your time ticket.

Read more about the event here.

af Rosenborg Slot den 02.10.2018

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