New Acqusition: Queen Charlotte Amalie’s Heliotrope Bowl

Rosenborg Castle’s new acquisition; Queen Carlotte Amalie’s (1650-1714) heliotrope bowl, can now be seen in the Green Cabinet.
Charlotte Amalie married Christian V in 1667, and had eight children with him. She was intelligent, practiced handicraft and collected rock crystal, semi-precious stones and porcelain. In the 16th and 17th centuries, bowls made of these materials were among the finest royal gifts. Also, the King often gave Charlotte Amalie craftworks for her annual Christmas and New Year presents. It is not known whether this bowl was a present from Christian V or whether the queen purchased  it herself.
Characteristically, the red spots in the green heliotrope were seen as a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, and thus indirectly of the queen’s piety. Similarly, the four feet on which it is mounted can be interpreted as symbolic of the lion in the coat of arms of Hesse. This was because Queen Charlotte Amalie was the daughter of Landgreve Wilhelm VI of Hesse-Kassel. The beautiful mounting taken together with Charlotte Amalie’s crowned monogram, suggest that the bowl must have been made to order and was presumably used as present at a later date.
The bowl was acquired in December with generous support of the Augustinus Foundation and the New Carlsberg Foundation.

af Rosenborg Slot den 27.01.2017

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