Last chance October 28: The Hippie Trail – Travel Photography by Torben Huss

Until October 28, visitors to the David Collection can see the special exhibition “The Hippie Trail – Travel Photography by Torben Huss”.

A selection of 92 black-and-white photos will be on exhibit as well as a film featuring color-slides and music. All pictures are taken by the Danish photographer, Torben Huss, during his travels in the ’60s and ’70s to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and India. His journeys were made out of curiousity and a longing to see the world, at a time where the term ‘Hippie’ was barely known.

The special exhibition is the fifth in a series of displays of art photography related to the museum’s collections and will run until October 28, 2018.

af Davids Samling den 17.09.2018

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