New special exhibition: From Philipsen to Salto – the Collection of Danish Early Modern Art revisited

On May 24, the museum will open a new special exhibition featuring C.L. David’s collection of early Danish modern art.

The museum’s founder, C.L. David, became a very multifaceted art collector. When he died in 1960, he left behind not only a rich collection of early fine and decorative art from Europe and parts of the world of Islam, but also a large collection of Danish paintings, sculptures, and ceramics by artists of his own day. It is a selection from this “modern” part of the collection that is reexhibited here.


Image: Detail of painting by J.F. Willumsen, “The Mountain on the Other Side of the Lake is Colored Red by the Sun’s Rays,” 1901.

Photo: Pernille Klemp

af Davids Samling den 15.04.2019

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