Østre Anlæg

The Romantic Østre Anlæg park with its curving pathways and hilly terrain was established on the former ramparts of Copenhagen. The garden was designed by H.A. Flindt, who also created the design for the Botanical Garden.

Remnants of the old ramparts are clearly visible inside the Østre Anlæg park, with well-preserved lakes and bastions. Designed to resemble natural scenery, the park incorporates many wild herbs, perennials and grasses and boasts a rich fauna, particularly in the lakes.

Sculptures and monuments are tucked away in the green corners of the park. They include the imposing Monument to Denmark; in 1920 it was moved to Püchler’s Bastion after having stood proudly in front of the SMK for 23 years.

The Østre Anlæg park also contains two playgrounds and one of the Copenhagen’s popular sledge slopes in town. In summer, concerts and festivals are often held in the south-western part of the park between The Hirschsprung Collection and the SMK.

The Østre Anlæg part is maintained by the City of Copenhagen.

Photo: Jonas Heide Smith. Østre Anlæg with a view of the new part of SMK – National Gallery of Denmark builded in 1998.

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