Old wine in new bottles

Do you know the story of the ancient Rosenborg Wine?

The Rosenborg Wine is traditionally served at the Queen’s New Year banquet, just like Christian 4. did in his time.

Even though the wine has been topped up with new wine through the ages, it still goes by the name of Rosenborg Wine, as it has been kept under the castle in Copenhagen since 1729.

To drink a glass is to drink from history, and even though the wine has been diluted, you can still be sure to have a sip of the old wine, that is several hundred years old.

The original wine is white wine from Schloss Fürstenberg in Bacharach in the German Rhine area. A valuable, but peculiar wine. The taste is characteristically sour, which has only increased in time. This is the reason that Frederic 9. served the wine with a generous amount of sugar.

By 1982 the old wooden barrels that kept the wine had deteriorated to the point where it was necessary to transfer the wine to steel tanks and bottles. This was done by Prince Henrik and a team of wine experts.

The precious wine has been through a lot since it was imported from Germany by Christian 4. and even though it isn’t a great experience in taste, it’s a great historic experience, reserved for just a few people.

At the present rate of annual consumption there is sufficient wine for at least another 300 years, so the Danish Royal Family can keep up the tradition.

If you want to see The Rosenborg Wine up close, the bottles and tanks are exhibited in the basement at Rosenborg Castle. Book your ticket to the castle here.

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