Rain of coins in historic Copenhagen

In The Green Cabinet at Rosenborg Castle, a special collection of coins is exhibited, which celebrates quite the anniversary this year. On the 23rd of November it is 370 years since Frederik IIV was crowned king, and on this day many years ago the coins played a central part.

To show his wealth and power, the new king rode in a procession through the streets of Copenhagen, where he received the audience’s loud cheers. He, in return, had made sure that the people could quench their thirst in the fountains of the city that, for the occasion, was flowing with wine or fill their stomachs with pieces of roast ox.

Nothing was too grand for the coronation party in 1648, and to emphasize his intention to be a good king to his people, Frederik IIV literally let coins rain over them on the streets.

The coins are not round in shape, but square, and exhibits a portrait of Frederik IIV wearing a laurel wreath, the symbol of power among the Roman emperors. The tradition of throwing coins is also inspired by the Roman Empire, and refers to the victorious ruler throwing coins at random that the people could then fight over.

370 years ago it rained coins over the Danish people who had gathered to catch a glimpse of their new king in all his might. Today, five of the original coins are exhibited at Rosenborg Castle, and the museum is constantly on the look-out for more, so that we can show a full, throwable handful like in 1648.

The coins from Frederik IIV’s corronation can be seen in Room E: The Green Cabinet in the basement of Rosenborg Castle.

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af Rosenborg Slot den 20.11.2018

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