Reflections from Venice

The glass room at Rosenborg Castle is an Aladdin’s cave of gold and delicate pastels with walls covered with glass in all kinds of shapes.

The glass collection is one of Europe’s finest and dates back to 1709 when Frederik 4th visited Venice which was Europe’s leading glass manufacturer. Glass was a strong asset to the city; hence the production was secret and took place at the island of Murano close to Venice.

The city gave Frederik 4th half of the collection as a gift during his visit, while he purchased the other half himself. On his journey back the king saw Charlottenborg in Berlin which had a room decorated with mirrors and consoles for porcelain. The concept worked as inspiration to Frederik 4th and in 1714 he had his glass room furnished and decorated with the nearly 1000 pieces of glass as they stand today. It is possibly the most complete glass collection from the period.

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