Sculptors rediscovered

Only very few women artists are well described in art history. Indeed, throughout history only few women have been able to carve a name for themselves and produce a large body of work, hampered as they were by the demands of childrearing and cooking – and by the fact that they had no access to official art education. Even so, some women succeeded in bringing their talent to fruition.

Overlooked talents
This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Denmark, so it is only suitable that The Hirschsprung Collection and the David Collection present two plucky women who managed to give their artistic talent expression: Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen (1863–1945) and Agnes Lunn (1850-1941). Their sculptures are of such eminent artistic quality that the two museums now highlight their work.

Artistic friendship
Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen and Agnes Lunn were not only fellow artists – they were close friends, too. Their mutual influence on each other is clearly visible; not least in their choice of subject matter: their sculptures portray animals and their shapes and movement in a naturalistic, keenly observed and affectionate manner. The special exhibition Animal Studies – The Sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen is on at The Hirschsprung Collection now, while the David Collection presents a selection of works by Agnes Lunn.

”APROPOS” is the name of a series of collaborative projects at Parkmuseerne, where two or more museums join forces to focus on particular subjects.


Animal Studies – The Sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen
Special exhibition at The Hirschsprung Collection
25.09.2015 – 28.03.2016
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Works by Agnes Lunn
The David Collection
Fra 15.09.2015
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