The Emeralds from the New Year’s Banquet

In the will of Queen Sophie Magdalene from 1746 it was stated that her jewels were not to be given to a specific person but for eternity should be at the disposal of the present queen. This act has preserved them as a collection and made the living treasures they are today; they are the only ones in the world which are both displayed to the public and in royal use, by HM Queen Margrethe.

They primarily consist of four garnitures: a brilliant-cut diamond set, an emerald set, a pearl-ruby set and a rose-cut diamond set. The emeralds were a gift from Christian VI to Sophie Magdalene on the birth of Frederik (V) in 1723 – they are among the world’s finest. The queen wore the beautiful emeralds at the New Year’s Banquet on 1 January 2018 and are currently in her possession. The Crown Jewels are always worn at the New Year Reception, and otherwise usually during state visits, special family events, and similar occasions.

The rest of the crown jewels are on display behind the thick walls of the treasury sparkling together with the royal regalia which include three crowns.

af Rosenborg Slot den 05.01.2018

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