SMK x Roskilde Festival

Join us as we reveal Roskilde festival’s art programme for 2017. This year’s theme is Equality. Enjoy concerts featuring Chinah, Irah and Solid Blake, watch short films from the MIX Copenhagen festival and enter a range of enigmatic realms through performance art. There’ll be a free beer for the first arriving, courtesy of Tuborg.

Irah, Solid Blake and Chinah
Funky electronica, dreamlike pop and sophisticated R&B – this evening’s music is a veritable feast of delectable tones. Irah evokes an ethereal universe of alternative, dreamy pop with references to trip-hop and Cocteau Twins. Solid Blake originally hails from Glasgow; now based in Copenhagen, she has established a solid reputation on the city’s underground techno scene.

The Danish trio Chinah combines electronica with a sophisticated R&B sound. Last year they triumphed on the Countdown stage at Roskilde Festival, proving themselves among the most exciting bands in Denmark right now. Visual artist Stine Deja has created art to accompany the concert.

Short films and talk: MIX Copenhagen and the Jamaican LGBTI scene
The Copenhagen film festival Mix Copenhagen presents six short films that focus on gender stereotypes, sexuality and gender identity. You can also watch the film Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens. The screening is followed by a talk featuring co-producer Christo Geoghegan.

Museums are about power. Who decides what is being shown there? Is there equality within the realm of art? Join us for three art talks that launch a discussion about equality. The SMK art educators are joined by an array of art guides who are currently learning Danish and eager to discuss art with you.

You can also experience political activism conducted through the medium of hip-hop. Rapolitics invite two representatives from Revolution Records from Egypt for a talk and a brief concert.

Installations: Rune Bosse, CAMP, and Amanda Baum & Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt
Artist Rune Bosse invites you to explore negotiations between man and nature in the Anthropocene age in his work Research for Network. CAMP / Center for Art on Migration Politics join forces with the radio project The Bridge Radio to present a sound installation featuring examples of the migration politics work undertaken by the radio.

Get a sneak peek of a vivid installation by Amanda Baum and Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt.

Animation works and performances: Johannes Heldén, Klara Ström, and Natasja Loutchko
Swedish visual artist Johannes Heldén presents a selection of animation works and an inter-media performance based on his book Astroøkologi (Astroecology). Heldén’s performance takes place in a realm that combines science fiction, a Twin Peaks-like mystique and intertextuality. Focusing on the voice, artist Klara Ström explores personal intimacy, love, sex, psychology and sensitivity.

Natasja Loutchko invites participants into fermenting fever dreams, when alcohol enters their systems and they’re brought to reflect upon how it affects their bodies.

The museum café Depanneur offers a selection of food and beverages inside the museum and outdoors.
Please note: No food and drink allowed in the exhibition rooms.

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Roskilde Festival

af SMK den 23.06.2017

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