Summer at Castle Carp

In the moat of Rosenborg the permanent residents of the castle are enjoying the warmer weather and have done so during summer for the many hundreds of years. It is believed that it was Christian IV (1577-1648) who had the carps set out into the moat and the species lives on in the best of health today. It is therefore recommended to expand the visit to the castle to the castle garden along the moat and go carp-spotting.

However, the moat has also been part of less fortunate moments, and one of the sons-in-law of Christian IV drowned in the moat after a party at the castle.

The carps help maintain the cleanness of the water and are often seen in the surface of the water. Their maximum size of the species is 1.2 meter but the Rosenborg carps have not yet reached that size.

af Rosenborg Slot den 31.07.2018

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