Butterflies. Nature’s silent messengers


In nature, there is a sensitive barometer that tells about climate change. Butterflies. Nature’s silent messengers. They are sensitive towards small changes in their living conditions – for example temperature instabilities. So, if the butterflies disappear, the message is clear: there is something wrong in nature. And there is. Many places in the world. the butterfly populations are dropping drastically. In Denmark as well. Therefore, the museum will now focus on nature’s silent messengers in a new exhibition. Here the visitors can see some of the museum’s large collection of butterflies, immerse themselves in the butterflies’ wondrous life and learn more about the important digitization work taking place at the museum.

The butterfly is an ancient symbol for change. The modest caterpillar on the green leaf that evolves into a beautiful, winged creature has fascinated humans throughout centuries. Today, the butterflies are also messengers for change. The number of butterflies is dropping and species are disappearing forever. A clear sign that the basic living conditions on Earth are changing.

In the exhibition, the visitors are also invited into a special room where they can experience the digitization process of the museum’s butterflies up close. The beautiful butterfly collection holds more than 2 million specimens. It is a section of this collection that is now being digitized.

Practical information

The Natural History Museum of Denmark
Geologisk Museum
Øster Voldgade 5-7
DK-1350 København K

Opening hours: 
Tuesday – sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Monday: Closed

Children: 50 DKK
Adults: 95 DKK

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af Statens Naturhistoriske Museum den 05.10.2018

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