Søren and Marie. On Honeymoon with the Krøyers

27 May – 6 September 2020

The artists’ couple Marie and P.S. Krøyer married in 1889 and proceeded to set out on a long honeymoon, beginning in Stenbjerg on the North Sea and ending in Italy in 1890. The two artists painted all the way. This year’s summer show takes us to southern skies as we trace the newlyweds’ journey. Here you can explore a range of materials – letters, drawings and paintings – from their journey, delving into depictions of what life was like for an artist back then. You will also gain insight into how the couple saw each other, right from the wild waves of the North Sea to the bright light of the Amalfi Coast.

af Den Hirschsprungske Samling den 29.01.2020

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