The King’s Garden

The King’s Garden (Kongens Have) was established in the early 17th century as Christian IV’s pleasure and kitchen gardens for his castle Rosenborg. The garden acted as a setting for entertainments for the king and his visitors, and also supplied the court at Copenhagen Castle with fruit and vegetables. The garden continued to be used as a kitchen garden for the royal household right up until the late 19th/early 20th century.

The garden was opened to the public in the 1770s by J.F. Struensee. He was physician to Christian VII, who is believed to have suffered from schizophrenia.

Today the King’s Garden is one of Copenhagen’s most popular parks, attracting some three million visitors every year. The park continues to serve as the setting for many forms of entertainment and is home to attractions such as a delightful playground and the traditional Marionet Teatret Puppet Theatre.

The King’s Garden is maintained by the Danish Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties.

Photo: Thomas Rahbek, SLKE

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