The Magical Spinel – a book and an exhibition

“The Magical Spinel” is a cartoon about the young art-history student Sigurd who works as a night watchman at The David Collection. One night, as he falls down the main staircase, something strange happens. He discovers that in a mysterious way, he is able to travel back in time to periods and places from which the museum’s works of art derive. This marks the beginning of a journey to find purpose, knowledge, and love. “The idea is to bring to life the works of art’s historical surroundings and at the same time make the adventure real and reality adventurous,” says the author, museum curator Peter Wandel.

The book is published in both a Danish and an English version.

The special exhibition presents a selection of original drawings by the illustrator, Rasmus Meisler.

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af Davids Samling den 12.10.2020

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