The Workers Museum


Parkmuseerne will open again on April 21st 2021

All six park museums adhere to the Danish authorities’ recommendations regarding the coronavvirus and will open again on April 21st 2021. Reflecting the lockdown since december 20220, the period of validity of Parkmuseerne tickets already purchased will be extended with 5 months.  More information will follow on this website.

Explore the everyday life of Danish working-class families during the last 150 years and see how the workers built the foundation of the Danish welfare model.

The Workers Museum portrays the living conditions of the workers over the past 150 years. Among other things, you can visit the two-room apartment of the Sørensen family, where mother and father lived with their five children in 1915. The apartment’s furnishings were later donated to the museum.

Another popular attraction at the museum is the Children’s Workers Museum, where the youngest children can pretend living during the same time as when their great-grandmother was a child. At the museum’s Coffee Bar, you can dream your way back to the 1950s with a piece of biscuit cake and a cup of the coffee substitute Rich’s.

Building Submitted to UNESCO
The building that houses the Workers Museum is Europe’s oldest and the world’s second-oldest assembly building for workers. Therefore, it is currently in consideration for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It was built by the workers themselves as a gathering place for the Labour Movement in 1879. Here they could gather in the large banquet hall, which is still in use, and where Lenin once gave a speech.

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