Under Indian Skies – 19th-Century Photographs from at Private Collection

The special exhibition Under Indian Skies – 19th-Century Photographs from a Private Collection opens on November 23, 2018 and runs until April 28, 2019. It is the sixth in a row of special exhibitions at the David Collection where focus is on the photographic media. This time, the visitor is taken back in history to the birth of photography and its earliest childhood, just before 1850 until around 1900.

Different sides of historical India where Islam played a vital role are portrayed in a series of vintage photographs from a private collection. A presentation of monumental architecture, staged group portraits, and a colorful folk life meets the visitor – in beautiful, sepia toned photographs.

One of the great experts in his field, the photo historian, John Falconer, who was Curator of Photographs in the British Library’s Oriental and India Office Collections, is the author of the exhibition catalogue, published in both English and Danish.

Image: R.K. Brothers. Ruling Group, probably from Bikaner, c. 1900.

af Davids Samling den 26.10.2018

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