Visit the Workers Museum with the Parkmuseerne ticket

From 15 January, you can try out a new experience when you visit the museum district in Copenhagen, since the Workers Museum is joining the Parkmuseerne. Therefore, you can get free access to the museum with a Parkmuseerne ticket.

If you have visited Rosenborg Castle, the National Gallery of Denmark or one of the other park museums, then all you have to do is take a short walk through the Botanical Garden to get to the Workers Museum in Rømersgade.

And you will have a good reason to do so when the museum becomes part of the Parkmuseerne on 15 January, since this means that you can cut the price in half on your next visit to the museum with the Parkmuseerne ticket.

That the guests can now include the Workers Museum in the package adds an extra dimension to the visit in the museum district. This is what Mikkel Bogh, Director of SMK – the National Gallery of Denmark and chairman of the Parkmuseerne, believes.

“The history of workers is crucial to understanding how we have established a welfare society in Denmark. It is just as essential to our society as the history of the monarchy, which we already tell through the exhibitions at Rosenborg Castle in the King’s Garden,” says Director Bogh.

A Nostalgic Perspective on the Daily Lives of Working-class Families
The Workers Museum portrays the living conditions of the workers over the past 150 years. Among other things, you can visit the two-room apartment of the Sørensen family, where mother and father lived with their five children in 1915. The apartment’s furnishings were later donated to the museum.

Another popular attraction at the museum is the Children’s Workers Museum, where the youngest children can pretend living during the same time as when their great-grandmother was a child. At the museum’s Coffee Bar, you can dream your way back to the 1950s with a piece of biscuit cake and a cup of the coffee substitute Rich’s.

Building Submitted to UNESCO
The building that houses the Workers Museum is Europe’s oldest and the world’s second-oldest assembly building for workers. Therefore, it is currently in consideration for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It was built by the workers themselves as a gathering place for the Labour Movement in 1879. Here they could gather in the large banquet hall, which is still in use, and where Lenin once gave a speech.

The Workers Museum Replaces the Cinematheque
The Cinematheque left the Parkmuseerne 1 January 2019. If you bought a Parkmuseerne ticket in 2018, you can still use the ticket at the Cinematheque within the ticket’s period of validity. However, from 15 January you can also choose to use it at the Workers Museum instead of at the Cinematheque.

af Parkmuseernes sekretariat den 08.01.2019

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