Why is it so dark in Rosenborg Castle?

Even though we are now entering the dark season, where everyone is yearning for light, we don’t just turn up the spotlight in Rosenborg Castle, and there’s actually a quite good explanation for that!

The castle guards are often asked: Why is it so dark in here? Is it to save money on the electricity bill? Or are Danes just fond of darkness? The answer is easy, historical artefacts and light, whether natural or electrical, are not a good a match, and out of respect for the old treasures, The Royal Danish Collection operates with a carefully deviced and sparse lightning.

Factors like relative humidity, pollution and light are clear catalysts in the degradation of objects. Textile and paper degrades fast, paintings and furniture a bit slower, but too much light will accelerate the process for all of them.    

Even though the September sky darkens, we will not be changing our principles that the lightning in the castle should be sparse and not create too much heat. Therefore, The Royal Danish Collection uses low energy lights that has the right nuance, so that the objects can shine in their natural colours. We feel that this gives our visitors the best experience in the castle, while at the same time allows us to preserve the treasures for as long as possible.

Furthermore, we are proud to say that we are part of the EU funded conservation project CollectionCare that hopes to develop an intelligent monitoring system for surveillance and conservation of art objects in museum in Europe.  

So even though it looks dark, we are still open! Buy your ticket for Rosenborg Castle online and come see the many priceless treasures that we work hard to preserve for the future.

af Rosenborg Slot den 09.09.2019

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